Apex Systems Testimonial

Specializing in IT Staffing, Workforce Solutions, Consulting Services, and Career Resources, Apex Systems is a world class technology services business that incorporates industry insights and experience to deliver solutions that fulfill clients’ digital visions. A customer since 2010, Apex has grown their recruitment database, increased productivity and saved countless hours of work with the help of DaXtra’s solutions.

Apex Systems — Testimonial

I would recommend DaXtra to somebody else because of the unique relationship we’ve been able to build with DaXtra, particularly around their technology and furthering that technology for our needs.

My name is Rob Waddell and I’m the CIO of Apex Systems. Apex Systems is an IT services firms primarily IT staffing. We also have a budding consulting business.

Apex has been working with DaXtra to grow their business since 2010.

Apex’s productivity has improved significantly with DaXtra Technologies, especially in the area of DaXtra Search. Instead of searching five job boards to get a client independently, with DaXtra search technologies we can do one search behind the scenes DaXtra technology is going out to the job boards on our behalf, pulling back the best candidates to match our skills.

Apex Systems uses DaXtra products to streamline about 6,000 searches a month.

DaXtra is going to all the job boards necessary to bring back the right candidates and filtering those candidates based on our skillsets. That’s unique, that’s important, that’s a solution that certainly is better than what we’ve seen with some of the competitors.

Using DaXtra Technologies has saved our recruiters time. It really has made a difference in our ability to search our internal database, which adds up when you think about searching that many candidates bringing back the right candidate.

Using DaXtra’s technologies, Apex Systems has essentially doubled the number of candidates in their Bullhorn database.

DaXtra worked with us on some unique technology to help us both load candidate profiles into our database. We’ve had a need to really grow our internal database of candidates and keep them fresh that’s helped us scale the business very quickly. And over time, there’s tremendous ROI in that.

— Rob Waddell, CIO, Apex Systems