components DaXtra Components

Streamline Workflow With Innovative Parsing, Searching, Matching and Aggregation Services

DaXtra’s suite of component technologies and web services provide the building blocks to power innovative, market-leading recruitment solutions.

Supported with documentation and tools, DaXtra’s component offerings help automate and revolutionize product workflows, providing powerful and intuitive features, and intelligent data processing integrated with your resume/CV management software.

The DaXtra Components Suite includes:


DaXtra Parser

A market-leading parsing service, DaXtra Parser turns unstructured CV and vacancy information into structured XML format, quickly and accurately.


DaXtra Search Services

Enhance your products and workflows with next generation search, matching, and aggregation tools provided as developer components and services.

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Components Overview

Automate and streamline your Candidate Search and Job Matching Software processes with easy-to-implement components and web services for retrieving, parsing, searching, matching and analyzing your recruitment data.

parser DaXtra Parser

Our market-leading, highly accurate multilingual resume parsing software is used globally by leading recruitment companies and vendors. We parse more languages, more accurately and in more locations than any other resume parser in the world.

Offered as a component, DaXtra Parser can help support businesses in developing their own applicant tracking software and recruitment workflow applications, enhancing end-user and end-client data quality.

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search DaXtra Search Services

Find the best. Find them fast. Find them first.

DaXtra’s search services are the foundation of DaXtra’s own search product. These technologies are now offered to recruitment companies, job boards and recruitment database vendors, to provide innovative and market-leading recruitment solutions:

DaXtra Search Services

DaXtra’s search services are the foundation of DaXtra’s own search product. These technologies are now offered to recruitment companies, recruitment database vendors and job board software developers, to provide innovative and market-leading recruitment solutions:

  • Add or Update Candidate
  • Add or Update Vacancy
  • Search Candidate or Vacancy
  • Match Candidate to Vacancy
  • Match Vacancy to Candidate
  • Match Candidate to Candidate
  • Match Vacancy to Vacancy

This component can be the core engine behind job boards or web recruitment applications, bringing the power of DaXtra Search to your end-clients.

DaXtra Search & Aggregation

The DaXtra Search & Aggregation component can be deployed as a co-located appliance or as a hosted service. The aggregation services are based on DaXtra’s proprietary spidering technologies, with inbuilt support for the most-used internet search sources, including job boards and social networks globally.

The key developer workflows provided are:

  • Submit query from web form
  • Retrieve aggregated results from all sources in XML
  • Retrieve documents from individual sources and profiles

All search components are provided as local appliances or hosted services, alongside developer documentation and tools, for easy integration.

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Derek Warrander, IT Service Manager at Orion Group