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DaXtra already supplies its parsing, searching and matching technologies as part of the inbuilt features that power many of today’s CRM, ATS, Job Board, Social Media and Professional networking solutions worldwide. Licensing some or all of DaXtra’s technology on an OEM basis can provide the powerful engines underpinning your solution, freeing you to concentrate on the development of the workflows and user experiences that will make your solution unique and attractive to your users and prospects.

Below are just some of the technologies available from DaXtra on an OEM basis:

DaXtra Parser — the market leader in highly accurate multi-lingual parsing, with global coverage.

parser-mobileOffered as a component to help support developers in producing their own recruitment workflow applications, enhancing end-user and end-client data quality. Not only can you provide time and effort savings around manual data entry and database population, the structured format of parsed data can provide powerful advantages around data searching, analytics and reporting.

DaXtra Parser is the market leader in highly accurate multi-lingual parsing, turns unstructured CV and Vacancy Information into structured XML format, with high accuracy and speed.

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DaXtra Search Services  — enhance your products and workflows with next generation search tools, provided as developer components and services.

search-mobileDaXtra’s search services are used as the foundations and building blocks of DaXtra’s own search product, and these technologies are now offered to vendors, to provide innovative and market-leading recruitment solutions.

  • DaXtra Search & Matching provides a Natural Language semantic search engine for candidates and vacancies, as well as 4-way auto-matching between CV and Vacancy profiles, providing a sophisticated searching workflow over stored recruitment data.
  • DaXtra Search & Aggregation provides a meta-search component for sending free-form and structured search queries to multiple online CV databases. Using any supplied valid login credentials for supported sources, it returns the most popular and relevant results from each, and the ability to retrieve the CVs from selected candidates on-demand.
  • DaXtra Search & Retrieval provides a method of retrieving vacancy data from a monitored website source, whether key client career websites, or VMS systems. Data can be delivered in any preferred format, for use within recruitment workflows.
  • DaXtra Search & Analytics provides a framework for in-depth analysis of customers’ recruitment data through our machine learning based on parsing millions of CVs and jobs. You can build powerful structured search queries across your data, establishing trends and relationships, leading to powerful analytics and reporting opportunities. 

All search components are provided as local appliances or hosted services, alongside developer documentation and tools, for easy integration.

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