Innovative Recruitment Technology

Remove duplication. Eliminate manual data entry. Streamline your candidate selection process with DaXtra. Our suite of products automates different parts of the recruiting process – and seamlessly integrates with your existing recruitment or resume management software.


DaXtra Capture

Automatically move candidate data in seconds, from all monitored sources of incoming resumes to your existing resume database. DaXtra Capture helps manage your data — without error or duplication.


DaXtra Search

Find the most relevant candidates in your CRM/ATS candidate database and across multiple internet sources. DaXtra Search aggregates data from multiple sources, creating shortlists to filter and sort.


DaXtra Parser

Accurately converts raw CV/resume and job/vacancy data in a multitude of languages, into structured XML format that can be integrated with your own CV database software application forms or other services.


DaXtra Magnet

Effortlessly cross-reference and link candidate, client and contact data from online and offline profiles and update and refresh your existing CRM or ATS records in seconds.

Apply & Match

A fast and friendly way to apply online, eliminating the need to manually complete tedious forms, giving you rich structured data about the jobseekers, to load on your ATS database.


DaXtra Components

Easy-to-integrate components and web services to support smart workflows and streamline recruitment processes with automated, accurate data retrieval, parsing, intuitive searching and matching.