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Market Leading. Highly Accurate. Multilingual.

Reduce the cost and effort spent on manual data entry and candidate database population with DaXtra Parser. Use this powerful tool to enhance your CV searching, matching, analytics and reporting. DaXtra Parser extracts rich information in more languages and more accurately than any other CV parsing software or resume parser in the world.

Used by leading recruitment companies and vendors across the globe, our multilingual resume parsing software saves you time and money.

With support for any CV and vacancy styles and layouts, including social media profiles; plus coverage for multiple regions (including all European, most Eastern European and many Asian languages and dialects), DaXtra provides the most comprehensive and accurate resume parsing solutions available.

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Understand the Key Benefits of deploying DaXtra’s resume parsing software:

The Benefits

  • Consistently benchmarked as the highest overall CV parsing accuracy across multiple languages
  • Multilingual CV parsing technology built in – covering an extensive (and growing list) of modern languages and dialects
  • Comprehensive geographical and language support in a single component
  • Rich structured data output, to support powerful recruitment workflow applications
  • Available for CV, candidate and vacancy information extraction
  • Flexible and extendable – bespoke schemas, unique skills taxonomies
  • Strategically enhance data searching, analytics and reporting
  • Documentation and tools make integration easy for developers

DaXtra Parser provides the speed and precision needed to stay ahead of the competition.

If you want to know more about parsing and the benefits it can bring to your business, you can read our Ultimate Guide to CV/Resume Parsing here.


The Features

DaXtra Capture, DaXtra Search and DaXtra Magnet … all three are a powerful force that will help GRMSearch catapult to the next level in terms of productivity, and stay ahead of its competition.

Rob Green, GRMSearch CEO