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Using DaXtra’s advanced parsing technology, Career International is able to quickly and accurately turn raw CV and vacancy data into a structured XML format that fits seamlessly into existing databases – saving the firm crucial time, and ultimately, helping its bottom line.
Career International
DaXtra Magnet will help GRMSearch find candidates beyond its own database of elite professionals by arming the firm’s recruiters with a next-generation tool that gives them the power to seamlessly pull candidate data from any website they come across and add it to their databases.
Rob Green, GRMSearch CEO
DaXtra Capture had recovered our investment within a few months. Save yourself time, money and headaches with DaXtra.
Jeff Franz, Director of IT Service, ITS Technologies
DaXtra Capture has worked well for us and helped us manage our database effectively.
Patrick AR Douglas, IT Manager, Randstad Technologies
Resume importing went from being a chore to completely automated.  Resumes are available in our ATS within minutes rather than days or weeks.
Jeff Franz, Director of IT Service, ITS Technologies
We have certainly seen a return on investment using DaXtra Capture. Without DaXtra we either wouldn’t be able to code CVs at all, and so would make a poorer return, or we would have to hire people to input the data manually.
Laurent Chen, Chief Operating Officer, Hudson Europe
DaXtra Capture is an integrated workflow tool that provides automatic email to database candidate data entry in seconds, eliminating for Career International the time and expenses associated with routine administrative tasks. It also helps Career International with resume and CV deduplication and updates in an entirely automated fashion, by tracking new data against existing customer... Read more »
Career International
At the same time, with DaXtra Capture and its arsenal, GRM can rest easy that any new CV data introduced into its systems will be correctly coded in the company’s massive database.
Rob Green, GRMSearch CEO
For its part, DaXtra Search will help GRM recruiters eliminate wasteful hours cross-checking candidates.
Rob Green, GRMSearch CEO
The integration of DaXtra products with Bond Adapt allows Orion Group consultants to access and search the same data from one central system, no matter where they are based in the world, making the overall recruitment process far more efficient and timely. The combination of these factors has resulted in Orion Group seeing annual global... Read more »
Derek Warrander, IT Service Manager at Orion Group

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