Recruitment Productivity and Increasing Your ROI


Time is Money productivity

“Time is money,” a quote often attributed to Benjamin Franklin but which may go back further, still holds true to this day. No matter what industry or business you’re in, every minute counts. There are essentially 40 hours in the work week and to make these hours productive is essential to your bottom line. In… Read more »

New DaXtra Search recruitment software release


DaXtra Search new release

We are excited to announce a new software release of DaXtra Search – our powerful and intelligent CV/resume matching technology with integrated semantic search capabilities across multiple in-house and online talent communities. This accompanies new releases  to our suite of recruitment software products, including a major UI refresh for DaXtra Magnet and significant enhancements to DaXtra… Read more »

Open Your Mind


Recruitment software

This article was originally published in The Global Recruiter, APAC Issue 7 TECHNOLOGY – Cutting edge recruitment technology creates value but choosing “open vendors” creates more argues Sergei Makhmodov, CEO Asia, Daxtra Technologies. It goes without saying that the rest of our lives will play out in a more tech-driven world. Fintech is driving finance, social media… Read more »

In automating recruitment, will human jobs be lost? Of course, but there’s a major upside


By Sergei Makhmodov Co-founder and Asia CEO of DaXtra Technologies DaXtra was officially born back in 2002 when two friends and I sat in a London coffee shop, daydreaming about our own recruitment technology company. Incredibly, here we are, 14 years later with six offices around the world and over 100 colleagues. Daxtra is now… Read more »

Software for Recruitment Agencies


Software for recruitment agencies has had to evolve fast over the past few years in response to unprecedented economic challenges affecting the global employment market. Here we take a look at some key industry trends which are driving changes in CV processing and recruitment database software.Software for Recruitment Agencies – Industry TrendsAnyone working in the… Read more »