Customer Testimonials

See how Daxtra customers leverage our solutions to streamline sourcing, increase efficiency and make recruiting easier.

Before implementing Daxtra Capture, we didn’t have enough time to upload all of our incoming data to our Bullhorn ATS. Now, each CV we receive comes into an email address, and it’s automatically loaded into Bullhorn with all the info in all the right places. We’ve just started using Daxtra Search Nexus, and it’s brilliant – it works exactly as we saw in the demo. Our onboarding has been very smooth. The Daxtra team has been extremely patient and helpful getting us set up. I am looking to grow my business in the next few months, and I just wouldn’t be able to do this without Daxtra.

Adam Rich, Director

Find Online Recruitment Group

This has been a seamless transition for us at LACE Partners from our old system, which did not deliver what we needed, to the Daxtra system – which has made an instant impact in speeding up our contact with the pool of associates (contractors) that we work with. The project was even accelerated by the Daxtra team when they knew we had a shorter deadline to migrate away from our old system, so we couldn’t be any happier with how it has gone.

Chris Howard, Marketing Director

LACE Partners

Daxtra has saved us an unlimited number of hours sourcing through applicant resumes and the uploading of resumes into our ATS. It not only creates new candidate profiles for us, but also updates candidates that are already in our system. Daxtra creates tasks to the correct recruiter so they are aware a new candidate has been created or updated. Resumes that are not significant to our job postings are filtered out for review before they are uploaded into our ATS system.

Debra Quick, Director of Operations

WSi Healthcare Personnel, Inc

Love this tool! We’ve made a couple of major placements finding the purple squirrel candidate with Daxtra Search. Daxtra saves us time by searching multiple sources at one time.

Kat Lazzaro, Senior Operations Analyst


Good add-on for Bullhorn users. Better search than standard ATS search – allows recruiters to search multiple sources with one search string/set of filters. Allows recruiters to set up daily repeated searches with automated ‘hit lists’ of potential candidates.

Patrick Branagan, Senior Vice President

Overture Partners

Daxtra has accelerated our recruitment process, allowing us to search multiple job board resources in tandem with our database. This alone has reduced our recruiting time, stepped up our process and allowed us to share qualified talent with our clients faster than before. Daxtra’s support and training is phenomenal and unmatched!

Drema Davis, Recruiting Manager


Daxtra Parser enabled Webrecruit to get the information we need from CVs quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of accuracy. It was incredibly straightforward to integrate into our ATS, and the support from Daxtra has been first-class. I would have no hesitation in recommending Daxtra Parser.

Matt Hildred, Chief Technology Officer


The people at Daxtra are wonderful to work with. We love the rep team. They have really gone above and beyond to support us.

Carla Streff, Director of Training & Operations


Strong recruitment tool for staffing companies to search within own databases. Daxtra Search has the ability to search within unique databases to find specifics and creates unique list views based on compatibility scores.

Alexis Woerishofer, Account Manager


Daxtra Magnet is a really useful tool. As we browse job boards and social networks, we can automatically load candidates into our CRM without having to switch tabs. And, it checks our CRM to ensure candidates aren’t already in the database before they’re added – so no duplicates are created. Before, we did all of that manually. Now that process is automated, which saves a lot of time. Many of our consultants have said Magnet is an absolutely necessity and couldn’t and wouldn’t go back to uploading candidates to the CRM manually.

Catherine Worrall, Head of Technology and Innovation

3D Recruit

Using Daxtra’s advanced parsing technology, Career International is able to quickly and accurately turn raw CV and vacancy data into a structured XML format that fits seamlessly into existing databases – saving the firm crucial time, and ultimately, helping its bottom line.

Career International