Find the best, find them fast, find them first.

Depend on the experts. Daxtra has led the way in CV/resume parsing software since 2002. Daxtra streamlines the workflow of your existing resume database management software, applicant management software and candidate management software. Our suite of products offers searching and parsing of CVs/resumes and vacancies and candidate matching solutions.

What We Do:

Automate the entire employment application process, helping recruitment companies quickly source the best available job seekers.

How We Do It:

Candidate Data Entry

Loads candidate data from any mailbox, network or VMS site, directly into your database in seconds, checking any duplicates, saving you time on data entry and data deduplication.

Candidate Search and Aggregation

Conduct searches across all candidate data sources (in-house database, job boards and online networking platforms) and provides you with the best matches, reducing time spent searching for candidates.


Choose elements à la carte to enhance your current candidate management software solution. Options include CV/resume and vacancy parsing, a search and matching engine, aggregated Online CV/resume spidering, or targeted VMS and web vacancy profiling and retrieval.

Who Trusts Us:

More than 2500 organizations spanning all continents, use our software products. This global reach is made possible via our multilingual CV technology, which can automatically parse in a multitude of languages.

Partners: We seamlessly integrate with most recruitment software systems, so you won’t have to change your applicant management software.

Our Technology:

Daxtra Technologies was founded in Edinburgh, UK in 2002 to develop intelligent recruitment software solutions for the staffing industry.

Daxtra’s products are based on an award-winning Natural Language Processing and Search technology, originating from academic research undertaken by the company founders at Edinburgh University.

Why choose Daxtra?

The answer is in our solutions. We make it easy to integrate with your existing resume database management software. Read more about our products.