Daxtra Magnet

Seamlessly link candidate and client data, cross-referencing and loading information into your database in seconds.

Daxtra Magnet
Checks for Duplicates
Creates or Updates Records
Source & Ownership
Shortlist & Add Notes

How can Daxtra Magnet help?

Use online resources and your database as a single integrated candidate information pool.

Make the most of online profile data

Link candidate information from job boards, social networks or web pages to your ATS or CRM.

Update candidate records efficiently

Record all of your key client and candidate interactions without leaving the application you’re already working in.

Shortlist candidates effectively

Generate a shortlist of highly relevant candidates by linking candidates to jobs.

Keep your talent pool fresh

Add new and update existing candidate records from the application you’re currently working in.

What does Daxtra Magnet do?

Captures candidate data

Parses candidate information and loads rich structured data into your ATS or CRM database from your web browser, emails, PDFs or Word documents.

Integrates with your ATS or CRM

The plugin allows you to click to add and update candidate or client contact information easily in your database. You can also shortlist and add notes.

Works from your application

Update your CRM without leaving the application you’re working from – you don’t have to switch between applications to load new and update existing candidate and client information.

Tracks source and ownership

Tracks recruiter activity, so you see which sources are most profitable. This enables you to measure ROI and KPIs.

“Daxtra Magnet is a really useful tool. As we browse job boards and social networks, we can automatically load candidates into our CRM without having to switch tabs. And, it checks our CRM to ensure candidates aren’t already in the database before they’re added – so no duplicates are created. Before, we did all of that manually. Now that process is automated, which saves a lot of time. Many of our consultants have said Magnet is an absolutely necessity and couldn’t and wouldn’t go back to uploading candidates to the CRM manually.”

Catherine Worrall

3D Recruit

Save time on sourcing

Daxtra Magnet gives faster and more accurate results so you can find the best candidates before your competitors.