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Find the best candidates fast. Search across your existing talent pools and online talent communities with our AI search and match technology.

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How can Daxtra Search Nexus help?

Quickly search, filter and sort data from job boards, social networking sites and your ATS or CRM to find the most relevant candidates. Streamline your searches to save time and increase productivity, so you find the best candidates before anyone else.

Unlock value in your database

Find relevant candidates regardless of the amount of candidate data you’ve captured to your CRM or ATS.

View the best candidates first

See the most relevant candidates at the top of your search results, based on the context of their skills and experience through intelligent candidate scoring.

Save time with automation

Automate search, match, ranking and shortlisting to find the best candidates more efficiently.

Track your resourcing activities

See which candidate sources are the most productive and easily calculate your return against online CV/resume spend.

What does Daxtra Search Nexus do?

Search multiple sources from one platform

Searches across your ATS/CRM database, job boards and social networks simultaneously. Daxtra Search Nexus loads external CVs/resumes into your database, tracking the source, status and activity to enable easy reporting on ROI and KPIs.

Match relevant candidates to your jobs

Our AI search and match technology uses natural language processing to understand the context of job descriptions and CVs/resumes, immediately matching the most relevant candidates to your jobs.

Focus your search with pinpoint accuracy

Intelligently categorizes and groups terms based on context. Analyzes your terms and suggests synonyms. Generates a term cloud of related terms based on relevance. Allows you to set your required experience and proficiency for each term.

Build collections of terms to use again

Build lists of your most used terms and automatically run them as a new search whenever you need. Build a list of companies and related terms, and use term categorization.

Search for candidates while you sleep

Set Search Watchdogs to run automatically, searching for new talent so you have a list of the most relevant candidates to review in the morning.

Refine your results with intelligent ranking

View the most relevant candidates at the top of results and see details on how their score was calculated. Use powerful post-filter tools to narrow your search even further.

  • “With Daxtra Search Nexus, employees can scour the database and external job boards 80% faster than with the previous process, which involved searching these platforms one by one. It also allows recruiters to pinpoint profiles within the internal database far more accurately and efficiently than with the CRM’s native search engine.”

    Mark Hill

    Frank Recruitment Group Learn MoreLearn More
  • “If Daxtra Search Nexus says a candidate is number one, that candidate is number one. You don’t have to search through hundreds of candidates. It’s like magic. But, you also have the ability to see starred rankings of candidates to provide transparency in the ranking process, so you know which candidates are a good match and why—that is huge.”

    Brian Cunningham

    Allen Recruitment Consulting Learn MoreLearn More
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    Improve your search

    Daxtra Search Nexus gives faster and more accurate results so you can find the best candidates before your competitors.