Daxtra Capture

Save time, boost efficiency and increase productivity by automatically loading candidate data into your database.

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Daxtra Capture
Monitors CV/Resume Sources
Extracts Data
Creates or Updates Record
Intelligently Skill Codes
Tracks Source & Ownership
Auto Shortlists

How can Daxtra Capture help?

Automatically load candidate data, deduplicate and update candidate records to ensure your talent pool stays fresh and up-to-date.

Build value in your database

Automatically populate your database with accurate candidate data, eliminating manual errors.

Save time on admin

Automate admin tasks such as CV/resume loading and processing candidate data.

Power your recruitment tech stack

Fuel your recruitment automation tools with good, up-to-date candidate data.

Boost productivity

Automatically load clean data resulting in more placements and more revenue for your business.

What does Daxtra Capture do?

Automated CV/resume loading

Checks all your monitored sources of incoming CVs/resumes. Automatically loads new candidates into your database. Deduplicates and updates existing candidate data, enhancing your ATS or CRM with rich structured data.

State-of-the-art CV/resume parsing

Parses candidate CV/resume information, extracting data from 150+ fields in over 40 languages. Transforms this unstructured data into uniformly structured, searchable candidate records in your ATS/CRM.

Tracks candidate source and ownership

Checks the source of each candidate so you discover which sources are most profitable. This helps you track the value of your marketing spend and measure ROI.

Fully integrated with your tech stack

Seamlessly integrates with your ATS/CRM, your candidate engagement platforms and other recruitment automation tools.

Utilizes intelligent skill coding

Code candidates based on their skills, job titles, industry and qualifications to improve candidate searching and enable further automation and candidate engagement workflows. Merge our vast taxonomy of machine-learned terms with your own Master Skills File.

Cleans your existing candidate database

Extracts all your existing CVs/resumes from your database and parses each CV/resume back into your CRM with candidate data organized into relevant fields—leaving you with clean, up to date candidate records.

Auto shortlist applicants

If a candidate applies to a specific job, Daxtra Capture will auto shortlist them the job they’ve applied for. Simply log into your CRM, launch the chosen job and easily see a shortlist of applicants.

  • “Using Daxtra Capture, the time it takes to process CVs and add them to the company’s database has fallen by 90%, while also delivering a near-human level of accuracy. Introducing Daxtra has dramatically cut the amount of time Frank Recruitment Group spends on administration, freeing employees up to work on more valuable tasks.”

    Mark Hill

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  • “Previously, someone was spending 2-3 hours daily checking CVs. Now we can do it in 20-30 minutes. Daxtra Capture can automatically code CVs as they are loaded into our CRM. It is also useful from a GDPR perspective – being able to check the job board source, we can control where candidates come from and answer when they ask where we found their CV. We know we can trust the data.”

    Andy Hale

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