Daxtra Styler

Improve your employer branding by automatically standardizing, formatting and anonymizing candidate CVs/resumes.

How can Daxtra Styler help?

Automate all your CV/resume formatting. Anonymize by removing candidates’ personal information. Add your branding and styling to standardize your candidate CVs/resumes.

Save time on admin

Automate CV/resume formatting tasks so your recruiters can spend more time making placements.

Boost your brand awareness

Format every CV/resume with your corporate branding to promote your professional identity.

What does Daxtra Styler do?

Standardizes your formatting

Automatically formats each CV/resume according to your set templates, with your company style, fonts and further branding options.

Anonymizes candidates

Redacts candidate contact details and personal information based on your set templates. Helps to remove unconscious bias from your recruitment process by allowing you to present anonymized CVs/resumes to the hiring manager.

Adds your corporate branding

Your templates can automatically add your corporate logo, brand identity, contact information, terms and conditions and a cover sheet to all of your CVs/resumes. This saves time and effort, while enhancing your brand awareness with clients.

  • “Before, processing resumes was taking a great deal of time. Now, we’re saving significant time and money with Daxtra. For just one client, their 200 monthly incoming resumes can now be processed more quickly, saving 22 hours. Multiply that by each client and you have significant savings of both time and money.”

    Jeff Eddins

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