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Human Resources and Talent Acquisition

Catering for the demands of In-House recruitment teams and integrating directly with your current ATS or CRM, Daxtra’s corporate solutions reduce administrative time and effort spent sourcing and managing internal and external candidates. Using elements of our complete product suite, our corporate solutions allow recruiters to improve existing workflow and business processes relating to:

Active Sourcing & Internal Mobility

Find suitable candidates both internally and externally with an intelligent search and matching solution that can be embedded within your current ATS, CRM or HCM database.

Sits across all instances of internal candidate or employee data – Cross department, region and country

Results ranked in order of relevance (best candidates always appear on the first page of results)

Current employees can be viewed at the same time as active candidates to improve internal mobility

All internal and external sources searched simultaneously – job boards, social/business networking sites

Application Funnel Management

Search and filter data to find the best candidates for a position in seconds – even from thousands of applications, with Daxtra’s applicant ranking technologies.

Avoid manually sorting through each and every response

Candidates are ranked in order of suitability for a requirement

Best candidates are listed on the first page of results

Reduce time recruiters spend finding the best candidates

Load candidates directly into your ATS or CRM using Daxtra’s parsing technology

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Passive Talent Pipelining

Build a pipeline of quality passive candidates for future requirements with Daxtra’s TalentPool solutions. Daxtra Magnet can source candidates on networking sites, web pages or virtually any online profile, even with limited information, and store their Profiles for current or future hiring requirements.

Cross references against your existing candidate database and Talent Pools.

Candidate records created directly into your ATS or CRM with a single click, even without a CV

Notes, emails and updates can all be controlled via the Daxtra Magnet add-on – right from the recruiter’s desktop tools (Browser, Outlook, Word)

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These represent common scenarios where Daxtra’s technologies can be deployed and integrated with your HR Team’s existing solutions, providing your recruiters and hiring managers with access to the latest technologies to raise the quality and standards of your hiring requirements.

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