iPlace USA

iPlace recruiters, on average, save from 30%-40% of sourcing time when using Daxtra Search”

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iPlace USA is one of the fastest growing and highest quality global recruiting companies. Headquartered in McLean, VA, with an international recruiting center in Pune, India, iPlace serves clients in North America, Europe, and APAC.

With 470 recruiters iPlace successfully integrated DaXtra Search with its CATS ATS in 2013. iPlace’s clients are medium to large staffing firms and corporations. DaXtra has proved useful across companies of different scales. 

The Challenge

iPlace recruiters spent a great deal of time sourcing candidates from different job boards, one at a time. It was not unusual for recruiters to spend a third of their day extracting candidates from each platform.

The Solution

iPlace decided to make the transition to DaXtra because their recruiters worked on thousands of jobs every week. The initial interest was in DaXtra Search’s ranking feature, which enables recruiters to see the best candidates first. iPlace was also pleased with the ease with which DaXtra integrated with its CATS ATS. The ability to search multiple job boards and iPlace’s internal database in one go saved iPlace recruiters’ hours each day. The ranking feature, which presents the best candidates first, also saved time, but more importantly improved the quality of submissions.

Alex Kage, Chief Development Officer at iPlace, explained that one of the most important factors influencing iPlace to choose DaXtra was DaXtra’s integration with the largest ATSs, and more importantly, its integration with iPlace’s ATS. The DaXtra team worked closely with iPlace’s IT and procurement groups to implement the product companywide. DaXtra also conducted user trainings and assisted with setting up reporting.

“One of the most important factors has been the constant technological development to improve the product. Right from the implementation time until today, DaXtra’s service has been exceptional. DaXtra has even integrated many additional job boards to the system on our request.” 

— Alex Kage, Chief Development Officer, iPlace USA

The Results

iPlace is very pleased with DaXtra’s parsing capabilities. Since parsing happens in the background, recruiters are able to continue their search for candidates instead of entering individual candidates into its database. This feature saves a lot of time and increases the number of resumes in the iPlace ATS.

Kage identified his favorite three features of DaXtra Search:

✦ Resume Ranking
✦ Job Board Integration
✦  Integration with the iPlace’s ATS

DaXtra Search allows iPlace’s recruiters to search resumes on its database. This saves job board views and saves time.

Kage went on to say that DaXtra Search offered great functionality at a reasonable price. He added that it gives a huge boost to productivity, especially for recruiters working in the VMS (Vendor Management System) space. For VMS recruiting, where speed is critical, iPlace found DaXtra to be very helpful in finding and closing candidates faster than the competition.

iPlace discovered that DaXtra has been easy to do business with, and has excellent technology along with a great development team who are on a lookout for customer requests and feedbacks.

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