Branded: An add-on to DaXtra Capture, DaXtra Styler automates production of ‘Formatted’ CVs.

Your branding is your professional identity and makes you stand out in the crowd of CVs that hiring managers receive from agencies daily. You want your candidates’ CVs to look professional — a true representation of the standards of service you offer to your clients.

DaXtra Styler is designed to professionalize your sendouts and make you stand out. How many hours do you spend preparing CV/resumes for sending to a hiring manager?

Automate the application of branding and styling to your incoming CVs with Daxtra Styler. No more hours of preparation in formatting CVs ready for sending to your clients.

By deploying DaXtra Styler, you automatically create many of your branding elements, eliminating the need to manually prepare the CV in a corporate or house style.

The benefits of DaXtra Styler

  • Cost Reduction: Instant direct savings on CV preparation
  • Time-Saving: All CVs automatically prepared; ready for checking and sending
  • Brand Awareness: Ensures your CV sendouts reflect your professional identity
  • Professionalism: Sets a high standard, elevating you above the competition

The features of DaXtra Styler

  • Adding your corporate logo
  • Adding your consultant or office contact information
  • Appending standard terms and conditions
  • Appending a cover-sheet
  • Removing key contact details to anonymize the CV
  • Completing a candidate profile

DaXtra Styler eases the administration burden of your recruitment processes, ensures brand recognition and focuses your time on what is really important; selling the candidate to your client.

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