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What challenges did you experience before using DaXtra products?

When we first started 20 years ago we used to manually enter all the candidate information in our system, which was very time consuming. We then used DaXtra for a few years but when we moved to one of the leading CRM systems it came with a built-in parser which we started using. It didn’t do such a good job with Irish addresses and wasn’t localised. When looking at DaXtra Capture and Search we were very happy that part of the solution included the DaXtra Parser, hence we decided to move back to DaXtra and we have been using it since. We also recently added two other products to our portfolio: DaXtra Magnet and Styler.

How and why did you choose DaXtra?

We chose the DaXtra Parser for its accuracy. We found that the parsing was consistently correct, it dramatically improved the quality of our data and made it easier to find candidates.

When we looked into finding a unified search solution we found that other solutions were quite flaky. Once we used DaXtra we realised that it does what it says, it is very solid and the results are consistent. 

What did you find as a result of using DaXtra products?

DaXtra Search allows us to search over multiple databases including job boards and social media in the same timeframe. When we started using it all our recruiters were suddenly searching across multiple sources rather than just their favourite database or website. We now use powerful search strings which are far superior and we can find candidates we wouldn’t have found otherwise. We are now using our own database much more than prior to using DaXtra Search because as a default it searches our database.

We can also update candidate data directly from Microsoft Outlook, Word, or PDF using DaXtra Magnet, and automatically produce formatted CVs with our branding using DaXtra Styler.

What was the best thing about it?

DaXtra Parser runs in the background, some people don’t even know it exists! It is very stable and it pulls out a better quality of data. Having candidate records created or updated by one click of a button is very beneficial.

With the number of applications continually increasing, it is crucial for us to be able to have rich, structured data at our fingertips, immediately available to match to our relevant roles.

What are the main benefits that you’ve enjoyed as a result of using DaXtra products?

Speed and consistency are the first things that come to my mind. By implementing the DaXtra products we’ve saved a lot of time on routine administrative tasks which allowed us to spend more time with candidates and clients.

By searching everywhere and not only on a recruiter’s favourite database the quality of the results we get is far superior and we manage to pick up the best candidates quicker. It has enabled us to find candidates that other agencies can’t find!

Why would you recommend DaXtra?

DaXtra Search is absolutely superb in terms of speed, accuracy and value for money. It helps us save time by identifying the best candidates quicker than our competitors.


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