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DaXtra and Talentio, a young Japanese ATS and recruitment software provider, announce a technological partnership to bring DaXtra’s high accuracy CV parsing technology with full Japanese language support to Talentio’s 800+ customers.

Talentio will integrate and embed the DaXtra Parser function in order to facilitate
automatic extraction of factual information from resumes and CVs submitted by recruiters
or by applicants – directly into the candidate records on the Talentio ATS. This functionality
will eliminate the need to manually input information such as personal and contact data,
academic background, employment history, skills – this process has been a known
bottleneck for recruiters in the past. With DaXtra it will now be easier to find talent that
matches your company’s recruitment needs, as well as to perform reporting and analytics on your
talent database.

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2 Responses to “Talentio chooses DaXtra Technologies for their CV parsing technology”

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