Are you an in-house recruiter? Then you probably know that the JobPost Talent Leaders Connect is the next event you have to attend: the largest in-house recruitment industry event series in the UK, combining keynote talks and interactive panel discussions with relaxed social networking.

With over 10 years experience in recruitment technology, at Daxtra we know what the main concerns for in-house recruiters are, and on the 9th October, we will run a keynote presentation and masterclass on “How to raise the profile of in house team and how technology can maximise the flexibility of internal data” during JobPost Talent Leaders Connect. The main points that we will address are:

•How easy is it for in-house teams to gain the visibility they need of candidate data across multiple systems.

•What are the current issues in accessing this data.

•What are the available methods of turning large amounts of data into manageable formats.

Join us for a session where we will tell you how the in-house recruiters from some of the largest corporations in US and UK are already using our technology.


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