Gratifying to see Happy DaXtra Customers at Bullhorn Engage!


Apex Daxtra Capture

“Importing candidates and job orders can be a drain on the users’ time. Solution: DaXtra Capture” — Brandon A Brown, Chief Architect at Apex Systems Speaking at Bullhorn Engage 2018 Leadership Breakout Session: Making the Most of the Bullhorn Ecosystem        

DaXtra launches new version of DaXtra Search, automated recruiting software


Daxtra Search UI, automated recruiting software

This past month, DaXtra launched a successful release of a new version of our automated recruiting software — DaXtra Search, with new User Experience and Interface (UX/UI). DaXtra Search is a powerful and intelligent CV matching software with integrated semantic search capabilities across multiple in-house and online talent communities. By searching, intuitively filtering and sorting… Read more »

Seeing GDPR in the right light – as a new era of accountability


By Steve Richards, DaXtra Product Development Manager & Group DPO After years of anticipation, it’s hard to believe May 25, 2018 – the day the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect – is just a few weeks away. Some of us in the recruitment industry are well prepared, while others still have… Read more »

PORTERS launches “PORTERS IMEX CV Parsing” in partnership with DaXtra


  PORTERS launches “PORTERS IMEX CV parsing” in partnership with DaXtra in May Porters Corporation announces the launch of “PORTERS IMEX CV parsing”, on May 15. DaXtra provides CV parsing technology which automatically extracts data accurately across multiple languages.   Tokyo, Japan: April 17, 2018 – Porters Corporation, providing PORTERS HR Business Cloud (HRBC), a… Read more »

Opening Asia’s Approach to Recruitment One Client at a Time


By Sergei Makhmodov, CEO, Asia, DaXtra Technologies Although 2018 is shaping up to be a transformational year for recruitment technology (RecTech), one constant remains unchanged from recent years: all eyes are on Asia. Expectations are high that the region will continue to be the engine of global growth. To be clear, it’s difficult to talk… Read more »

Combating the Negative Effects of Multitasking


By Terry Bustamante Multitasking has always been a necessity in the recruiting industry—the field is, after all, a juggling act. When I started my career as a recruiter, multitasking was actually considered a desired skill, rather than a chore. In those early days, recruiting looked a little different. The bulk of today’s automated recruiting efforts were… Read more »

Talentio chooses DaXtra Technologies for their CV parsing technology


CV parsing

DaXtra and Talentio, a young Japanese ATS and recruitment software provider, announce a technological partnership to bring DaXtra’s high accuracy CV parsing technology with full Japanese language support to Talentio’s 800+ customers. Talentio will integrate and embed the DaXtra Parser function in order to facilitate automatic extraction of factual information from resumes and CVs submitted… Read more »

Recruitment Technology in 2018: Asia Rises Amid Improved Matching Technology and New Privacy Regulations


By Andrei Mikheev, CEO DaXtra Technologies 2018 is well underway and the pace of life and work in the digital economy continues to accelerate. We are all familiar with the major themes of the day: China’s continued rise; the shifting of trading relationships following political changes in the United States and Europe; and technology’s encroachment… Read more »

5 UK tech providers ploughed $130M into Australia


UK flag Australia

James Henderson from ARN published an article today explaining that the collaboration between the UK and Australia in the technology sector reached new heights during 2017, with five UK-based providers investing more than $130 million into the local market. “Creating 155 jobs in the process, the arrivals of DaXtra Technologies; Quantexa; NCC Group; Contino and… Read more »